Policy, the complex set of rules and regulations that govern our lives, often has profound, generational impacts – from helping to lift people out of poverty to widening the racial wealth divide in our nation. The Clark-Fox Policy Institute recognizes that policy is a powerful tool that can bring about a more just and equitable world. A tool that, in the hands of informed citizens, lawmakers, scholars, and civic leaders, can uphold justice, protect the vulnerable, and improve the lives of all people. That is why we are committed to collaborating across disciplines, organizations and geographic boundaries to advance social and economic justice through evidence-based policy solutions.

Our Vision

The Clark-Fox Policy Institute envisions a more just and equitable world in which policy solutions are effective, impactful, and innovative.

Our Mission

The Clark-Fox Policy Institute advances social and economic justice by working collaboratively to connect evidence-based policy solutions to public awareness, practitioner training, and policy decision-making.

Policy Focus

Initially, the Clark-Fox Policy Institute will give priority to children, youth, and the adults who care for them, through a policy focus that:

Promotes child well-being, healthy youth development, and addresses systemic inequity to ensure that all children, and the people who care for them, have the opportunity to thrive.