Saffiyah Poole Joins CFPI

A Letter from Our New Assistant Director Dear Friends,   I am incredibly honored to step into the role of associate director at the Clark-Fox Policy Institute. It is a full circle moment realized — merging my passion and dedication for community engagement and social justice to elevate the most pressing concerns of the people, […]

Graduate Policy Scholars Program Welcomes Allison Gibbs

A Discussion on “Building Political Infrastructure in STL + ESTL— For Us, By Us” (March 2022) The Clark-Fox Policy Institute’s Graduate Policy Scholars program is in its fifth year.  This program provides students the ability to supplement their  course work with experiential opportunities to engage in policy practice and to meet with and learn from leading […]

Advocacy & Allyship: Towards a More Racially Just St. Louis

(March 2022) As part of the Brown School’s Black History Month celebration, the Clark-Fox Policy Institute co-hosted “Advocacy & Allyship: Towards a More Racially Just St. Louis”.  Over 240 viewers from across the region joined some of the most respected local Black leaders to discuss the gains made, the challenges that remain, and ways in which everyone can contribute to the movement […]

Fragile early childhood education system at greater risk

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, nationwide nearly two-thirds of child care providers have closed, leaving working parents struggling to find reliable care. Without additional public funding, over four million providers of early childhood care and education (ECE) across the United States are at risk of permanently closing. One recent survey, by the National […]

Housing First Puts Children First

While many of us look forward to going home for the holiday season, some families have no place to call home. Homelessness is a serious problem that impacts thousands of families and children in the United States.   According to data reported to the U.S. Department of Education, during the 2016-2017 school year an estimated […]

To Eat or to Heat – Proposed Change Reduces Food Benefits for Families

Over the past year, the Trump administration has proposed a series of changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that would systematically prevent millions of Americans from receiving needed benefits. The most recent adjustment would alter the way utilities costs are calculated in order to determine eligibility. The change could mean that nearly one […]

Protecting Children’s Rights: The Detriments of Detaining Children

Violence in the Northern Triangle region of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras) has prompted thousands of individuals, families and unaccompanied minors to seek protection and asylum in the United States – many arriving by way of the U.S./Mexican border. As of July 22, 2019, approximately 10,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) were in care […]

Justice for Juveniles: Raising the Age for Inclusion in Juvenile Courts

May 2018 Justice for Juveniles: Raising the Age for Inclusion in Juvenile Courts Over the past 10 years, many states that previously prosecuted 16- and 17-year-old offenders in the adult judicial system have raised the age to 18. This trend has occurred in response to a growing body of research demonstrating the harmful effects of […]

1 in 3 Children Investigated for Abuse/Neglect by 18

December 20, 2016 The first academic study to estimate the cumulative lifetime risk of a child maltreatment investigation, completed by researchers at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, reveals that 37 percent of U.S. children prior to their 18th birthday are the subject of an investigated child neglect and abuse report — […]