Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2028

The Clark-Fox Policy Institute functions as a means to accelerate the translation of existing research findings into policy actions. The specific characteristics, needs, and assets of greater St. Louis must be incorporated during this process. This begins by using existing data as a foundation and working closely with community members, leaders, and other stakeholders to understand factors unique to the local community.

Looking back on our first five years, we are proud that our nonpartisan, community-engaged cross-sector collaborations that resulted in equity-driven policies that have been implemented on the local, state and federal level.

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We look forward to continuing the momentum for the next five years.

Guiding Values


Our equitable policy solutions are aimed at producing outcomes that are no longer predicted by race or personal identity. We intentionally use our privilege and access to amplify the voices of people who are most impacted by systemic oppression.

Authentic Partnership

We cannot and will not do this work alone. We actively seek to develop, cultivate, and nurture authentic partnerships to co-create effective solutions that drive sustainable positive change.


We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve and humbly accept and acknowledge our limitations.

Radical listening

We engage in radical listening to strengthen our capacity to build deeper connections, empathy and understanding of ourselves and those around us. 


We pledge to find joy and fun in our work. Consciously creating moments of joy is recharging and critical to self-care.

Our Anchoring Pillars

Commitment to Equity

We are committed to intentionally centering our efforts on equity. We are dedicated to elevating policy solutions that deconstruct racism and all forms of structural oppression.  We recognize the importance of intersectionality and know that all forms of oppression are linked. 

Community at the Center

We strive to function as a community catalyst that uplifts the lived experiences and stories of those in the St. Louis region. This is a critical framework that will strengthen and build grass-roots advocacy efforts to deconstruct policies that perpetuate disparate outcomes for children and the adults that care for them. 

Evidence-Informed Policy

We acknowledge that policy is a powerful tool that must be grounded in science.  Effective policy is driven by aligning scientific research with lived experiences. Community voices are centered and paired with scientific evidence to establish policy solutions. 

Education and Training

We provide exceptional training in community-focused policy practice that prepares students, scholars, community members, and future policymakers to navigate the policymaking and implementation process.

Strategic Priorities

Identify and support existing community campaigns, coalitions, and action groups. 

Engage with researchers, policymakers, and the community to produce evidence-informed reports, policy briefs, and other policy products. 

Train existing and future policy practitioners, researchers, and community members in effective evidence-informed policy development, legislative advocacy, and community organizing. 

Build a national network of policy-focused social work organizations, researchers, and Brown School alumni dedicated to the development and implementation of evidence-informed policy solutions.  

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It’s time to double down on our role and impact in St. Louis.

Andrew D. Martin
Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis