Home Delinquency Rates are Lower Among Households in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Photo of child wearing a pink headband playing with a toy stethascope. Text reads: Home delinquency rates are lower with ACA. CFPI news

January 12, 2017 A new study, “Home Delinquency Rates Are Lower Among ACA Marketplace Households: Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” published through the Brown School’s Center for Social Development, shows that families who get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are  more likely to make their rent and mortgage payments than are those […]

New guidelines for smart decarceration offer concrete strategies for policymakers

headshot of pettus davis

May 3, 2017 “As the era of mass incarceration appears to be coming to an end, promoting smart decaraceration in the United States requires deliberate action,” said Pettus-Davis, assistant professor and director of the Institute for Advancing Justice Research and Innovation. Pettus-Davis is co-author of “Guideposts for the Era of Smart Decarceration: Smart Decarceration Strategies for Practitioners, […]

Some ACA costs are offset by societal savings linked to fewer home delinquencies

June 13, 2017 Low-income people who gain health insurance are much more likely to make their rent and mortgage payments, according to a new Washington University study of families living near the poverty line. Lead researcher Emily Gallagher, with the Center for Social Development (CSD), says “the spin-off benefits to the community may offset a substantial share […]