Continuing the Momentum of the First Five Years

Learn about Clark-Fox Policy Institute‘s guiding values, anchoring pillars, strategic priorities and much more in our Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028.

Who We Are

Our mission: The Clark-Fox Policy Institute aims to advance social and economic justice through practitioner training and working collaboratively to develop evidence-informed policy that bridges the gap between researchers and impacted populations by aligning scientific research with lived experience.

From Our Director

“We can and must deconstruct barriers to improve the lives of children, youth and the adults who care for them. The solution is policy. The Clark-Fox Policy Institute will work tirelessly toward the development and implementation of evidence-informed policies that advance social and economic justice and racial equity.”

Gary Parker
Associate Dean for External Affairs,
Director of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute


The Clark-Fox Policy Institute envisions a more just and equitable world in which policy solutions are community-driven, effective, and innovative.

Gary Parker, conference host and director of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute calls on attendees to continue creating a strong and productive federation of macro social work organizations.

MACRO United Conference Success

The 2023 MACRO United Conference and Teaching Institute, co-sponsored by the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, has come and gone, and what an incredible success it was! Over 90 social work faculty, students, and practitioners from across the country convened at the Brown School to address complex social problems… (Learn more.)

COVID-19 & Race

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed glaring health and economic disparities among communities of color – and the societal systems that are failing them due to structural racism. The Clark-Fox Policy Institute organized this series, which draws on community leadership and evidence-based knowledge to inform the path toward racial and health equity.

Launching Lifelong Success

Research demonstrates that high-quality, affordable early childhood care and education has the potential to yield greater workforce participation and economic prosperity, improved health outcomes, reduced crime, and a more equitable region. Learn more from our latest report, Launching Lifelong Success.

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