At Clark-Fox Policy Institute, we strive to provide the tools and data for those those who make and influence policy, as well as the public at large. We view our role through the lens of racial equity, social justice, and the welfare of children.

1. Engage the Community

Through radical listening, we engage community members and partners to collectively identify issues, needs, and solutions to advance equitable policies and practices.

2. Analyze

We build upon the intellectual capital of the Brown School and its partners by analyzing current scientific research to inform our evidence-informed policy solutions.

3. Translate

We serve as an engine of translation, combining research and community voice into accessible, informative, and effective products that serve as policy tools in the hands of informed citizens, lawmakers, scholars, and civic leaders.

4. Elevate Policy Solutions

We elevate policy solutions that lift up racial equity by encouraging discourse on policy as a structural solution to racism and all forms of oppression.

5. Improve Outcomes

Our goals are improved child wellbeing and healthy youth development while addressing systemic inequity to ensure that all children – and the people that care for them – have the opportunity to thrive.