In alignment with our goal to leverage a vast network of transdisciplinary scholarship and community knowledge to inform critical policy issues, the Clark-Fox Policy Institute crafts original policy briefs to advance effective policy solutions and practices.

New three-part series on family-friendly business policies

Parents in the workforce face challenges balancing work and family. In a new three-part series, the Clark-Fox Policy Institute reviews the latest empirical data layered with community voice and details evidence-informed policy recommendations to help businesses create family-friendly workplaces.

Housing First Puts Children First

The Housing First approach recognizes that people experiencing homelessness first need the safety and stability of a home in order to address other challenges. The model calls for rapid placement in homes, without mandating any prerequisites.  A new policy brief by the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Housing First Puts Children First, explores the merits of Housing First as an intervention to reduce homelessness, particularly for families with children.

The Impact of Weapons and Violence on Schools and Surrounding Communities: A Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill

Weapons and violence in schools are a significant public health challenge that affects the physical and mental health of young people across the United States, as well as their families and communities. To address the issue, a panel of scholars, experts, and activists convened for a congressional briefing on June 12, 2019. A new policy brief by the Clark-Fox Policy Institute chronicles the recommendations from the briefing.

Child Well-being Series

Housing Security

Food Security

the front page of the second policy brief in the child well being series called Food for Thought

Economic Security

 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care in Uganda Series

Child and Adolscent Mental Health Care in Uganda (Part 1)

Child and Adolscent Mental Health Care in Uganda (Part 2)

Child and Adolscent Mental Health Care in Uganda (Part 3)