Past Events

Advocacy & Allyship: Supporting Transgender Youth

Lisa Brennan (she/her) Co-leader, TransParent St. Louis
Author of “The Auditorium in My Mind/Treasuring My Transgender Child”   Jess Jones, MA (they/them)
Owner, Jess Jones Education & Consulting  

Sayer Johnson (he/him) Executive Director, Metro Trans Umbrella Group   Christopher Lewis, MD (he/him)
Co-Director of Pediatric Transgender Health
Director of Differences of Sex Development Clinic, Washington University School of Medicine  

Moderated by: Kelly Storck, MSW (she/her) Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author of “The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids”  
[Recording available here]

Adolescence is a tender time full of profound self-discovery. Coming into your own is complicated enough. Many transgender youth face extra challenges posed by the attitudes/ideologies of peers and adults, the practices and policies of the institutions in which they engage, and political efforts to strip away rights with abhorrent anti-trans legislation.   On Transgender Day of Visibility, join us for an online conversation about the needs and experiences of transgender youth. Information will be shared and ideas will be suggested for how each of us can take steps to create a more caring and inclusive society.
March 31, 2022 at 12:30 pm