/ COVID-19 and Race: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

COVID-19 and Race: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

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As we attend to the physical health needs of COVID-19 patients, we must turn our focus and resources to support Black St. Louisans as they try to survive the mounting mental health and emotional impacts. In addition to higher rates of infection and fatality, the Black community is grieving the sudden and devastating losses of community pillars, public servants, and beloved family members. Experiencing these losses in the absence of traditional cultural, communal and spiritual practices will have a cumulative and profound effect on the mental and emotional condition of Black St. Louisans. This tragic situation stands to further exacerbate rampant toxic stress, rooted in structural racism and health disparities.

Join us for a conversation about the mental health and emotional well-being of the Black community in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We will hear from guest speakers about proactive solutions for supporting the recovery and health of our community, and share insights for advancing racial and health equity in the region. We welcome your voice in the discussion.

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Rebeccah Bennett | Founder & Principal, Emerging Wisdom; Founder & Root Teacher, InPower Institute; Formerly Board co-Chair of Forward Through Ferguson and immediate past Board Chair of Generate Health

Bethany Johnson-Javois | Chief Executive Officer, St. Louis Integrated Health Network; Board Chair, Alive & Well Communities; Formerly the Managing Director of the Ferguson Commission

Heidi B. Miller, MD | Medical Director, St. Louis Regional Health Commission; Physician, Family Care Health Centers

Vetta Sanders-Thompson | E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity; Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis; Co-director, Center for Community Health Partnership and Research at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis

Moderated by:

Cynthia Williams, Assistant Dean for Community Partnerships, Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis

Atia Thurman, Associate Director, Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis