CFPI Report Shared by Childcare Providers at Missouri Child Advocacy Day

Hundreds of childcare providers, parents, and advocates gathered at the Missouri capitol building in Jefferson City last week for Child Advocacy Day. The groups visited with legislators across the political spectrum to talk about the importance of high-quality, affordable early childhood education. Advocates distributed copies of the Clark Fox-Policy Institute’s report, Launching Lifelong Success, which details the science behind the benefits of investing in early childhood education.

This report explains that high-quality, birth-to-five programs for disadvantaged children deliver a 13% per year return on investment, including

  • Educational Benefits
  • Health Outcomes and Behaviors
  • Economic Prosperity and Community Vitality

Launching Lifelong Success makes three evidence-based policy recommendations:

  1. Increase Access via Sustainable Public and Private Investment in ECE
  2. Prioritize the Allocation of Any New or Existing Early Childhood Care and Education Funding to Children Most Impacted by Poverty
  3. Increase Quality through a Coordinated ECE System Supported by the Gateway Early Childhood Alliance

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